Dentures and Changes in the Shape of Your Mouth

If you’ve been researching traditional dentures, you may have read about the various ways that the shape of your mouth can change both immediately and in the months and years after you receive and start wearing your dentures. While poor fitting dentures can negatively affect the appearance of your face, not to mention your speech, bite and even how you breathe, dentures that are made to fit properly can actually improve your facial structure and overall appearance. In today’s post, I’ll describe some of the ways dentures can either negatively or positively change the shape of your mouth and your appearance, overall.

Poor Fitting Dentures and Your Mouth

  • over time, dentures that don’t fit well can speed bone loss and cause ear/head aches and facial muscle pain

  • your cheeks can start to look as though they are sunken and your lips can start to curve inward as the joint in your jaw begins to shrink

  • even dentures that fit properly can feel larger in your mouth and temporarily affect the way you speak

  • extra bulk in your mouth can make your face look heavier

  • poorly made dentures will simply look like “fake teeth”

Properly Fitted Dentures and Your Mouth

Especially if they’ve been living with bad teeth or missing teeth for some time, before getting their dentures, Saskatoon and Prince Albert men and women who come to our clinics are often amazed by the way that their dentures can improve their appearance, and in particular, make them look younger and healthier. What’s more is that their properly fitted traditional dentures often feel much more comfortable than the poorly made dentures or bad teeth that were in their mouths before. Among the many ways that well made dentures can change your mouth for the better is a reduction in pain and discomfort from a misaligned bite or worn teeth.

Discover how standard or precision dentures that fit and function properly can be your ticket to an improved appearance and greater function. Call our office to book a complimentary consultation appointment today!

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