Partial Dentures

Appointment 1

Before seeing your denturist, it may be necessary to visit a dentist for an exam to ensure that your gums and teeth are healthy and can support your new partial denture. Once it has been determined you are a good candidate, we will begin with an intra-oral scan or preliminary impressions to determine the anatomy of your mouth. This information is then used to digitally design a 3D printed custom tray, which will obtain a final impression and bite that is scanned into our digital system.

Appointment 2

From the previous information gathered, a metal framework of either chromium-cobalt or titanium will be digitally designed and created, then tried in your mouth to ensure proper fit and function. You and your denturist will also determine the proper shade and mold for the teeth of your new partial denture, ensuring it will blend well with your remaining natural teeth.

Appointment 3

At this appointment your denturist will have your completed digital partial denture ready for you to place in your mouth. Your denturist will check your new denture and make sure you can comfortably remove and insert them on your own, before sending you home with a beautiful new smile!

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