What does digital mean?

Digital Denture Solutions

Conventional dentures typically required a minimum of 4 in-office appointments before receiving the final denture(s). This can be problematic and time consuming. Thankfully an alternative exists: Digital Dentures. We pride ourselves on being up to date with these new techniques and advancements of denture science. Our Digital process typically requires less appointments for completion, and less adjustments afterward.

Digital denture 3-D printing setup
High Standards
Improved Comfort
Denturist designing denture using digital software

Why Digital Dentures ?

Through the use of materials with much higher strength and stability, we are able to offer a custom designed denture that is digitally stored in our computer system and therefore easily replicated for a fraction of the cost and time of a traditional denture.

Improved Comfort

Digital precision for a greater denture fit/feel and improved comfort.

Fewer Appointments

Likely fewer appointments that are shorter in overall chair time.

Natural Appearance

Greater aesthetic accuracy for a more natural-looking smile.

Quick & Easy

Digital backup offers quicker, accurate replacement dentures.

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