Standard Dentures

After your initial consultation/exam, and you have approved the collaborative treatment plan provided by your denturist, the process towards new denture(s) begins:

Appointment 1

Depending on your individual needs, we may begin with either preliminary impressions (requiring another appointment for final accurate impressions and bite record), or, preferably “no mess, no fuss” digitally produced intra-oral scans for a fast, clean and accurate recording of your gums and bite.

Appointment 2

Your denturist will use computer software to design and 3Dprint a mock-up of your new denture(s), which will be placed in your mouth to evaluate the fit, feel, and appearance. This is the last opportunity for you to request any aesthetic changes before the construction of your new dentures begins.

Appointment 3

Your new digital dentures have been CNC-milled from ultra-high compression acrylic, to provide you with a superior, accurate product that can be duplicated at any time for the fraction of the cost, in a fraction of the time!

Upon insertion of your dentures, any necessary adjustments will be made and cleaning and care instructions will be provided, so you can go home with your new smile!

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