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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a good candidate for digital dentures?

The future of dentures is digital and almost anyone who is a candidate for dentures will appreciate the benefits of digital dentures. An ideal candidate is an individual who has experienced significant tooth loss and still has a sufficient amount of healthy gum tissue and jawbone.

What is the process of getting digital dentures?

Using the digital files/records from your initial visit, our special 3D denture software designs a micron-precise denture setup. The digital denture models are turned into a 3D printed prototype you can wear temporarily, so you can approve the fit/feel/appearance.

What are the benefits of digital dentures?

Not only do digital dentures have improved quality, but also often have greatly reduced costs and lead time. The multiple appointment process associated with conventional dentures can, in some cases, be eliminated. Lastly, because your custom fitting denture is stored in a digital format, it can be used in the future if a replacement or duplicate denture is required.

What are digital dentures?

Advancements in technology now allow us to take an impression of your mouth and turn it into a 3-D rendering. Your custom made denture is then created based on 26 anatomical landmarks captured in the impression. A final denture can then be fabricated to precise standards.

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Digital denture 3-D printing setup