Immediate Dentures

Appointment 1

With an immediate denture, your denturist will make your denture before your natural teeth are extracted. To begin the process, your denturist will take an intra-oral scan in order to obtain a detailed 3D image, created by meshing hundreds of pictures together digitally. This digital information, along with your own aesthetic preferences are then used to design and 3D print you your very own digital denture!

Appointment 2

The day before your planned extractions at the dentist, you will come to our office and pick up your newly customized digital dentures, so your dentist can place them in your mouth immediately following the removal process. You will keep them in for 24 hours, until your follow up appointment with your denturist the next day.

Appointment 3

At this stage, your denturist will remove your dentures and alleviate any irritations before giving you instructions on how to care for your brand-new digital dentures.


Roughly two months after undergoing tooth extractions, you may begin to feel as though your immediate dentures are loose or ill fitting. This is NORMAL. As your gums heal and your bone resorbs (shrinks)post-extractions, looseness may occur. A tissue conditioner is then required to make your denture fit properly again, and depending on the number of teeth extracted, you may need multiple over the course of a few months. If your immediate dentures are a precision denture, the tissue conditioner will be used as a functional impression and the denture will be scanned, then printed from our digital records as a completely new digital denture for a temporary period.

Once the gums are completely healed (usually 6-12 months post-extractions), your denturist will begin fabricating your final permanent denture. Once again, an intra-oral scan or impressions are taken to capture the most current anatomy of your mouth, and used in designing and CNC-milling your final denture. This allows for aesthetic changes to be made and replaces the previous method of relining your original immediate denture, which is cost effective for you! Your original denture may also act as a spare, or a duplicate can be milled for you for the cost of rebasing the old denture thanks to our digital design records!

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