Your Guide to Reducing Denture-Related Bone Loss

When teeth are missing, the body responds by automatically shedding bone from the jaw. This can make the shape of the face change and contribute to premature aging. Denture wearers also deal with having to replace their dentures over the years because of changing bone structure. This is why some people reach a point where they simply cannot wear dentures any longer.

If you are in a position where you need to have teeth extracted and replaced with artificial teeth, there are various ways in which our Prince Albert and Saskatoon denture clinics can help:

Avoiding the Extraction of All Teeth

It may be possible to avoid having all of your teeth extracted. Even if you’d like to have all of your teeth removed, it may not be the best route to take. If you are able to keep natural teeth in your mouth, the jawbone will continue to be stimulated, which is good for maintaining bone structure. The issues with this are that there may not be enough viable teeth or the teeth that are retained may not support partials. Sometimes, teeth are just too damaged to keep, your dentist will advise you if this is the case.

Opt for Denture Implants

Implants do require dental surgery to insert, but they are a more permanent solution. They are also a practical approach to replacing natural teeth and retaining the jawbone. If full implants aren’t an option, partial denture implants can be inserted to support partial dentures. Nonetheless, the one downfall is that an implant and denture combination may not completely eliminate bone loss. Your dental surgeon will advise you in this regard.

Denture Fit and Frequency of Wear

If a patient’s dentures don’t fit properly, our Prince Albert and Saskatoon denture clinics’ staff will encourage them to come in and have them adjusted. Don’t just ‘deal’ with poor fitting dentures, because you could hasten bone loss. You could also choose to wear your dentures less, so they’re not rubbing against the gums, such as when you’re at home and going to bed.

Good Nutrition

Bone retention is also reliant on nutrition. If you keep your body nutritionally sound, the body won’t raid your bones for resources as quickly. Slow bone loss by implementing some of the tips shared in today’s post.

To learn more about preventing bone loss while wearing dentures, please call our Prince Albert or Saskatoon denture clinics.

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