What ‘Bargain’ Dentures Could Actually Cost You

If you’ve been looking into dentures, you’ve probably noticed that some are significantly less expensive than others. Bargain priced “standard” dentures may look like a good deal, but before you commit yourself, you should know that your denturist can’t make low priced dentures without cutting some corners, when compared to “Precision” dentures. Cutting those corners could mean a lot of risks for you, so it’s best to look a little deeper before deciding to buy a set of dentures that are significantly cheaper based on price alone.

To begin with, dentures can be made cheaper the way many things are: by using less expensive, lower-quality materials. Inexpensive dentures are often made from a basic plastic base which is not as durable as other options, this means they may break while they are being used or when they’re dropped. You can also count on them to wear out faster, which means you’ll be replacing your dentures more frequently than is the case with high-impact polymers.

If you’re considering dentures that are significantly less expensive, you should have a consultation with the denturist. Ask them about the materials involved in making your dentures at a lower price, and how long those materials are expected to last. You should also ask about the fitting process, and the handling of broken dentures and their fixes. If you consider everything, you’ll probably conclude that investing in quality dentures is a more practical solution. In the short term, they may end up costing you a little more, but long term, what you save with the extra durability and fewer re-fittings will more than make up for it.

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