Protecting Your Oral Health When Wearing Dentures

Just because you now wear dentures doesn’t mean it’s time to stop looking after your oral health. You might think that because your dentures aren’t real teeth you don’t have to be as regimented about brushing or flossing, but the truth is, you can still suffer the consequences of poor hygiene and you need to take steps to protect your oral health, overall.

Whether you wear standard dentures, partials, all on 4 dental implants, or any other denture solution, the following are some useful guidelines for keeping your mouth healthy and your dentures looking and feeling great.

Cleaning Your Dentures

Dentures that are cleaned properly and regularly will look better and are more comfortable to wear, but it’s also important that you rinse your dentures after eating, and brush them well each night to ensure they continue to fit and function as they should, for years to come. Don’t forget to brush your tongue and gums, as well.

The Way Your Dentures Fit Can Affect Your Oral Health, Too

Why is it important to invest in quality dentures that are fitted by experienced denturists? Saskatoon and Prince Albert men and women who trust Hoffer Denture & Implant Solutions to fit and make their dentures will be taking steps to prevent the pressure and rubbing that can affect the health of their gums and, in some cases, cause gum recession and even oral cancer.

  • Avoid Tobacco & Excess Alcohol Consumption
  • Using tobacco and consuming too much alcohol can still negatively affect your oral health, even now that you wear dentures. When you smoke, chew tobacco or drink excessively while wearing dentures, you’re at a higher risk for gum disease and oral cancer.
  • Protect your health while maintaining a great looking smile with these simple tips. If you ever have questions about how to properly care for your dentures, please don’t hesitate to ask us.

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