Everything You Need To Know About a Denture Reline

If you need dentures, you should be informed about denture relines. Although dentures are supposed to serve as long-lasting solutions, overtime they may grow loose and not fit as securely or comfortably as before. In this event, you will need a denture reline. When you visit our Prince Albert or Saskatoon denture clinics for a reline, for instance, you will receive a procedure whereby your dentures are “refitted”. Adjustments must be made to your dentures because, over time, your gums and the bone that supports your dentures will shrink, a process that naturally occurs after the loss of teeth.

Types of Denture Relines

In any denture reline, the denturist will take several measurements of your mouth to ensure the dentures are in the proper bite position and that your smile is centred.

Hard Reline: A hard reline is done to improve the way the dentures fit.

Soft Reline: A soft reline is done to improve the comfort level of the dentures.

When to Reline and When to Replace

Relining your dentures is a good idea if they are relatively new, in good shape, or if your gums are not shrinking quickly. Yet, after repeatedly visiting our Prince Albert and Saskatoon denture clinics for relines, we may need to consider replacing your dentures.

Repeatedly relining your dentures can result in your teeth appearing child-sized and your smile appearing gummy. Indeed, too many relines can reduce the functionality of the dentures- meaning it will become increasingly difficult for you to chew.

If you find you frequently need a denture reline, it may be time for a replacement. The first few months may require some minute adjustments to the new dentures. But, after the jaw has fully healed, bone loss should slow. Needing a denture reline often could be a sign of problems with the dentures or with your jaw.

If you’ve had several relines and your dentures still feel unbalanced or poorly aligned and are wearing unevenly, you should talk to your denturist. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact our Prince Albert or Saskatoon denture clinics.

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