Are Denture Implants Comfortable?

Dentures have a very important job in that they’re made to function like natural teeth. Many denture clinics, including Hoffer Denture & Implant Solutions, have worked to improve the fit and feel of standard dentures, but the question of comfort remains as denture implants have become a viable solution to replacing natural teeth. They look natural and they are strong, but they are not held in place through a root system that extends into the jaw. Instead, they are held together by threaded titanium posts that are implanted into the bone and, like natural teeth, each implant helps support the next. So, are denture implants comfortable?

Dentures vs. Denture Implants

If you’re currently a denture wearer or you’re considering dentures, implants may be a good option. While great strides have been made to improve the comfort of standard dentures, there are still some common complaints that may make implants preferable.

The first problem is poor fit. If dentures are not made to fit correctly, the wearer can experience issues, such as rubbing and the rubbing can cause blisters and other mouth sores. Sometimes, the dentures have to be brought back to the denturist for adjustment.

While there are adhesives that help keep dentures in place, the addition of adhesives can result in altered biting forces, causing the dentures to function less adequately. This can be rather unpleasant. Denture implants rectify this. Because they are securely rooted, there is no blistering caused by a loose or improper fit, and no moving around means the need for desensitizing of the tissues is gone.

After the Implant Surgery

Immediately following the surgery, most people will experience some discomfort, but once the mouth has healed, the implants feel like natural teeth.

Once in place, there is no need to correct the implants. The only time a correction may occur is if there is some amount of bone loss. Other than that possibility, the implants remain comfortably in place.

It’s important to visit your denturist for routine check-ups, implant wearers typically should return to your denturist annually to maintain good oral health. If you’re considering dentures over implants and would like to learn more about the process or whether they’re a viable option for you, please call to book an appointment with a denturist from our team.

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