Dental Implant Options

All-on-X Immediate Load

All-on-x Dental Implants can offer a better fitting and more functional solution than traditional dentures. Other benefits include not having to remove the appliance – just floss and brush like you would your natural teeth! It can also help maintain facial tissues and structure as well as be a more affordable, permanent dental solution. These are dentures used to provide a permanent solution to missing teeth by utilizing implants for a more secure and better looking fit. Two options are available; either prosthetic teeth are attached to many dental implants, or dental implants are used to hold a plate with prosthetic teeth in place.


  • Fixed-detachable
  • Implant retained and supported
  • No transition phase(implants and teeth inserted on same day)
  • Small prosthetic size
  • Maximum Confidence


  • Requires Precision Denture
  • Day of Surgery
  • Includes Covnersion phase (6 months) and all pos-operative care
  • Permanent Prosthesis (after 6 months)

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