Precision Dentures

Precision Dentures

At Hoffer Denture & Implant Solutions, our goal is to construct your precision denture while including as many natural characteristics as possible, however, with all the emphasis on cosmetics today, we seem to have lost touch with the need for articulation. We want your smile to look AND feel good.

Each individual has a unique bite, jaw and facial structure similar to that of a fingerprint. A precision denture is constructed by recording additional measurements of your jaw movements and face structure to create a personalized denture ensuring an enhanced fit.

These vital measurements are recorded with the use of the ARCUSdigma. The ARCUSdigma is a devise/computer system which determines with high precision the trajectory of the mandibular joint during opening and closing of the mouth.

The temporomandibular joint is the most complicated joint in the human body due to its three-dimensional spatial movements of rotation and translation.

This technology also helps in determining the exact height of the bite which has significance in the cases of large-span prostheses, dentures, and prostheses produced for implants.


We choose to use the VitaPan Plus denture teeth in our precision dentures. These high quality teeth provide the highest percentage of wear resistance, similar to natural teeth and enamel for a life like appearance. Increased contact points are achieved on all biting surfaces of superior anatomical prosthetic teeth, allowing us to use a harder, longer lasting tooth in constructing a denture which does not require milling (wearing in) of the tooth surfaces.

Along with our personal creative touches and high quality denture teeth, we incorporate additional procedures such as Final Custom Impressions, an intraoral pin-tracer, a face-bow transfer record to create your new smile!

The procedures used in fabricating a precision denture allow the denturist to provide you with the best fitting and best functioning denture possible. Standard dentures do not allow us to build the same type of dentures and so your expectations should be adjusted to the type of denture you ultimately choose.


The measurements our Denturists record using the ARCUSdigma system are used to ensure a precision fit and efficient production of your denture, limiting and even eliminating the expenditure of time and travel correcting malocclusions and tissue pressure from denture instability.