Permanent Dentures

What are ‘Permanent’ Dentures?

Because the term ‘permanent dentures’ isn’t one that’s commonly used by those in the dental profession, it can be somewhat confusing when people use it to describe their dentures. In some instances, ‘permanent’ is used to describe dentures that, unlike immediate dentures, will permanently replace missing teeth. Most often, however, the term ‘permanent dentures’ is used when referring to dentures that are anchored in the mouth by implants.

Dentures that are Fixed in the Mouth

It used to be that the only option available to those missing some or all of their teeth was a set of dentures that fit over top of the gums, providing the ‘look of teeth’ but definitely not a permanent or highly functional solution. With advances in technology and dental procedures, it later became possible to anchor dentures in the mouth with implants, creating a more secure and better looking fit.

Dentures that Provide a Permanent Solution to Missing Teeth

When no natural teeth remain in the mouth, two options are available; either prosthetic teeth are attached to many dental implants, or dental implants are used to hold a plate with prosthetic teeth in place. While this plate can be removed, it is certainly much more ‘permanent’ and stable than old fashioned dentures.

Of course, the type of treatment a person chooses will depend on their condition and budget, not to mention that which is recommended by their dentist as the best possible solution for their needs. To learn if permanent dentures are a viable option for you, please call
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