Partial Dentures

What are partial dentures and why might they be the dental solution for you? A partial denture is as the name implies; dentures that are made to replace missing teeth in an arch. While complete dentures are required when there are no natural teeth left, a partial can fill in the spaces between the remaining teeth.

Dentures to Restore Function & Confidence

When a person is missing teeth, it’s not only their physical appearance that’s affected but their self-confidence and ability to function. With dentures, either partial or complete, an individual’s self-confidence is often restored, their ability to speak, chew and digest their food improved. If missing teeth leave you feeling embarrassed by your appearance or are affecting your ability to function normally, partial dentures could be the dental solution you need to get back to looking and feeling your best.

Dentures Do More than Maintain the Look of Your Smile

While it’s obvious that dentures serve an important cosmetic purpose, not everyone knows that dentures are also required to prevent other teeth from shifting in the mouth and to maintain facial tissues. With more space, teeth can change their position and become crooked, making it more difficult to clean them properly, damaging facial tissue, and putting you at greater risk for other dental problems in the future.